Film makers:

Satheesh Gopalan

Satheesh Gopalan is a management consultant from Ottawa, Canada. At a young age, he wanted to be in the world of cinema, but ended up in the world of consulting. Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Nature suffers nothing to remain in her kingdoms that cannot help itself. Society is barbarous until every industrious man gets his living without dishonest customs”. On the other hand, a man is happy and successful only if he is doing what he wants to do in his life. How can we lead a successful life and leave a legacy behind us when we are fortunate to live in a golden age that our ancestors could only dreamed of? Answer is in Mark Twain’s words. “Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.” Three years ago, Satheesh decided to meet with many great minds of our age to find out their secret of success. If you believe George Eliot’s words “It’s never too late to be what you might have been”, this documentary will inspire you to take the next step to be the man you want to be.

Kris A. Chandar

Kris A. Chandar (known as KC to his friends) is a graduate of film and television institute of Tamil Nadu, India. KC hails from Tenkasi, a small town in India. His life took him through various avenues of experience making him travel extensively in India and meet a wide variety of people and cultures. Nothing else could teach life better than personal experience and how one addresses it. Analyzing life, humanity, spirituality, Nature’s intricacies and mutual educational contribution in day-to-day life became sort of a focus for KC right from his younger age. KC also writes about life, philosophy, and admires nature as a great inspiration. KC works as a cinematographer and director for various projects and also runs his own production facility Transimage ( in Ottawa, Canada.

JD Lara

Writer-producer JD Lara worked in Philippine television for 7 years doing news, current affairs, documentaries, travel, business and feature programs. She wrote and produced reports for the country’s most awarded investigative newsmagazine show, The Probe Team, a bronze world medalist in the New York Festivals’ World’s Best Television and Films Awards. In 2000 her travel story, Elf Audacious Adventure, was nominated for a Philippine Catholic Mass Media Award, a prestigious trophy given to exemplary works in national media.


Peter has been in broadcast business for many years, presenting for both TV & radio stations for the BBC and ITV in the UK. Peter has been a professional voiceover artist for over 25 years covering a wide range of outputs; commercials, audio books, promos and training videos for many leading international organizations.

Shoaib Ahmed

Shoaib Ahmed is a Creative Director with a proven track record of developing interactive marketing campaigns for country’s most recognized brands in Pakistan. He is an experienced graphic designer both in 2d & 3d with an emphasis on typography and branding. Also a post director (video editor & compositor) with great creative music design skills for films, TV shows & documentaries.

Anoop Kanattil

Anoop Kanattil, Bangalore, India. Anoop Kanattil is a talented certified graphics designer from India. He currently lives in Bangalore with his wife Lavanya and daughter Vedha. As a born artist, he has a keen interest in sketching and designing. He was fortunate enough to choose design as a future-defining career and always believes “Design is intelligence made visible”. He has a bachelor’s degree in Physics and diploma in Multimedia design.

Sunil Menon

Sunil Menon is the production co-ordinator and product marketing executive in the US. His contribution in connecting with noted entrepreneurs and professors for this film is invaluable. Sunil is an innovative technology manager and a business leader with over 15 years of experience. He is also an expert in managing large scale IT projects. He works a product marketing executive, technology advisor, and product strategist for many start-up companies. Sunil is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and a very active volunteer in various communities and non-profit organizations. His other passions include reading, documentaries, photography, and being a radio host.

Krishna Moorthy

Krishna Moorthy is a camera man by profession and is also very capable of connecting with many top sources in film and business fields. Moorthy is a graduate of Film & Television institute of Tamil Nadu, India. He is working on various productions that include documentaries, Television serials, and feature films.

Shando Uruvath

Shando Uruvath is the Founder and President of Smagic Media, a motion graphics design company located in Hamilton, Ontario. He is known for his creative approaches in Motion graphics design and video editing. He is the post director of our second product “The Science of Being Great: Conversations with the Luminaries.”