There is always a choice in life.
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Last year, I had the opportunity to interview the great conductor and executive educator Mr. Benjamin Zander from Boston, USA. Thanks to Prof. Srikumar Rao from the Creativity and Personal Mastery Institute, NY for introducing me to Ben Zander.

Journey behind making the documentary “Innovation: Where Creativity and Technology Meet” presented immense opportunities to rethink my values and believes about life. Here, I am sharing one of the wonderful lessons from the interview with Ben Zander. It is about possibility thinking. Ben Zander says, infinite resources and choices are available to all of us at any given moment. Question is, do we realize it and act upon it especially when we caught up with the busyness of life? I find the story of his father who started a university in a concentration camp is the epitome of possibility thinking.

There is always a choice in Life. Ben Zander. from Satheesh Gopalan on Vimeo.

I sincerely wish every individual who watches this short video, take a few moments to rethink their priorities in life and praise the lord for blessing mankind with infinite possibilities.

Please share your experience(s) in recognizing and acting upon the infinite possibilities in your life.

Satheesh Gopalan
Innovation: Where Creativity and Technology Meet (Documentary)